RECOMMERCE GROUP has been committed to a responsible approach since its inception and is developing a quality environmental and social policy. Reuse of used products is at the heart of its activity; entrepreneurship, sustainable development, innovation, pragmatism, professionalism and quality are also founding values, and are embodied on a daily basis by the entire team.

                Our Responsible Purchasing Policy                    Our Sustainable Development and CSR policy     

Gold Rank – ECOVADIS

Part of the TOP 5% of the best-rated companies in the world for its CSR approach

RECOMMERCE GROUP is ranked Gold, according to the evaluation of its CSR approach, by Ecovadis, a global platform for rating supply chains. RECOMMERCE GROUP is thus among the 5% of the best rated companies in the world.

RECOMMERCE GROUP is ISO 14001 certified

In order to manage our environmental perfromance, Recommerce and its subsidiary have implemented a Environmental Managment System, based on ISO 14001:2015 requirements. This system is certified since 2014 and audited each year by DNV-GL Certification Body (www.dnv.fr)

Preserving the environment

Fostering Circular Economy and optimizing our ecological footprint

By giving a used product a second life, RECOMMERCE GROUP reduces its environmental footprint and avoids raw materials extractions that would be required to manufacture a new product.

By providing simple buy-back schemes, accessibles and rewarding for consumers, RECOMMERCE GROUP contributes to the extension of our products’ lifespan and thus preserves the environment in concrete ways.

The company is committed in a european strategy of managing end-of-life products, the “3 R’s” :

  • REDUCING waste and avoiding that a used product becomes one;
  • Favouring REUSE of used products;
  • Facilitate RECYCLING.

Responsible Refurbishment and recycling

Ensuring a responsible supply chain

Recommerce is one of the rare stakeholders to manage all its value chain.

From collecting used products, especially thanks to our Circular X solution, to the refurbishment and repair guaranteed by an industrial and logistic partners networks in Europe to the resale and distribution of our 2 years warranty products, coming in their eco designed packages.

In order to maximize our quality, we put an emphasis in maintaining sustainable relationships with our partners and suppliers. This is only feasible through three main practices :

  • Accurate communication on our expectations through an Ethical Charter, a Responsible Purchasing Policy and a Sustainable Development Policy
  • Selecting our partners according to strict terms of reference which guarantee quality of products and services
  • A dedicated team within Recommerce to manage this topic


Standing for “quality Refurbishment”, the RECQ label guarantees the quality of refurbished products. Created and coordinated by RCube, the French Federation of Reuse and Repair, the label comes from a 7 years course of discussions between reuse stakeholders.

All steps of refurbishment are audited and verified by DEKRA Certifications : buy back, collection, refurbishment and resale/distribution.


According to ADEME and ARCEP “Assessment of the environemental impact of a set of refurbished products”, refurbished smartphones are on average, 8 times more virtuous than new ones. Choosing a refurbished smartphones saves 50kg eq. CO2 in two years, and the extraction of 164kg of raw materials.

Since its creation, RECOMMERCE has permitted the refurbishment of 4,5 000 000 smartphones, which corresponds to 225 000 tons of CO2 and 738 000 tons of raw materials.

RECOMMERCE GROUP is ISO 9001 certified

RECOMMERCE deploys its activity by placing customer’s satisfaction at the core of its projects.

By applying ISO 9001 requirements, Recommerce GROUP and its subsidiary have suceeded in reinforcing external partners managment and to optimize customer’s demand by auditing their satisfaction level. This Quality Managment System has been certified ISO 9001:2015 in May 2019. The renewal has been realized in 2020.

Our Products and Services Quality

Satisfying and Anticipating our client’s needs by guaranteeing our offer’s quality

Putting our client’s satisfaction at the very core of our business is crucial for Recommerce. Our Quality oriented objectives for our products and services particularly shows through three main topics :

  • Improving our client satisfaction through avis-verifies.com website which pilot the defective rate products diminution.
  • Reducing our service providers’ non-conformities along our value chain following internal and external audits
  • Creating a Materiality Study to better analyze our stakeholders needs and demands

This motivation to always improve our Quality also refers to our motto which pushes us to “go beyond the law” and to participate in “legislation evolution”


ISO 27001

Recommerce deploys its activity by placing data security at the core of its projects. By applying ISO 27001 requirements, Recommerce, its subsidiary and CircularX show their ability to manage all collected data in a responsible and secure manner throughout all its business units, for all clients and partners. This Information Security System has been ISO 27001:2013 certified in November 2022 after an audit conducted by DNV.

This System is part of our “Responsible Refurbisher” Strategy, led by an Integrated Managment System (IMS) which gathers other Managment Systems in place.

Security Information Managment System (SIMS)

Securing the company’s and clients’ strategic informations and datas towards a reinforced cybersecurity.

Guaranteeing a responsible data managment on refurbished EEE hardwares.

Putting data security at the core of our projects is crucial for Recommerce. Our objectives related to security information and data managment by our teams which are leading our products and services can show through three main topics :

  • Ensuring personal data erasing procedure compliance on each device collected and refurbished
  • Ensuring our Information System security through our infrastructures and development steps
  • Auditing our Information System in order to identify which technical and organizational measures are needed to preserve datas’ availability, integrity and confidentiality
  • Anticipating a continuous activity in case of unexpected events

Setting an example at Recommerce: Fighting corruption

Since 2009, Recommerce has been committed to making a positive impact on society. This implies a high level of ethical responsibility towards all internal and external stakeholders, which has been reinforced by commitments and mechanisms in 2022.

In order to guide the life and activity of the group in accordance with its values, ethics and current laws and regulations, Recommerce has put in place :

RECOMMERCE GROUP implements a secure alert channel through the WHISTLEB platform.


EUREFAS – the European Refurbishment Association gathers refurbishment stakeholders in Europe and represents their interests towards institutions in order to spread Circular Economy throughout the continent.

EUREFAS promotes the refurbishment industry, defends sustainable business models and a standardization in order to achieve a safer and reliable market for consumers.

EU-Level Committments

Defending Circular Economy and participating in effective policies at the EU level

The refurbishment industry is on the rise in Europe. EUREFAS seeks to gather the market stakeholders to defend their positions with a common voice and promoting refurbishment, as well as to regulate and better frame the market.

EUREFAS’ missions are :

  • Defining and defending common positions towards institutions
  • Allowing Quality standards to be applied in EU to guarantee the quality of final products and of their value chain for consumers
  • Engaging and maintaining an open dialogue with EU institutions to build an efficient circular economy and defend refurbishment companies

Female and Male Equality on Wages

In regards with our Female and Male Equality Policy, we publish our Parity Index on Wages on a yearly basis to measure any wages gaps between men and women. In 2023, the Administration gave us a 91/100 score, which is 2pts more than our 2022 score.

91/100 score

With 4 positive results on KPIs :

1 – Wages gap (in %) between men and women : 36/40

2 – Individual salary increases between men and women : 35/35

3 – KPI related to the % of female employees who benefited from a salary increase when they returned from maternity leave : 15/15

4 – KPI related to the number of under represented gender (females) among the TOP 10 wages : 5/10


Offering qualitative refurbished products at attractive prices

Since its creation, RECOMMERCE has given back more than 188 millions euros to consumers by buying back their used devices.

RECOMMERCE GROUP offers refurbished products between 20% and 70% cheaper than their new version among +11 000 models.

225.000 tons

eq. CO2 avoided


collected via MonExTel for associations

33.834 World Tour

flights avoided